Ruby Redfort Book Review

Ruby Redfort is a thirteen-year-old secret agent. She’s part Buffy and part James Bond, but she’s also a math genius. Ruby loves diners – she especially likes the Double Donut Diner on Amster Street. She’s also a big fan of origami, which she uses to communicate with other people using a coded message howitstart.

Ruby is an exceptional code cracker, a daring detective, and a top-secret agent for the top-secret SPECTRUM agency. She’s always been different and has noticed things others don’t. Her genius has earned her a spot on the SPECTRUM payroll. She’s even recruited to crack codes for the agency. She has a sidekick, a butler. But as her mission becomes more complicated, she and her butler get pulled into an all-out adventure.

Ruby’s job requires her to attend classy events. She’s a math whiz and knows how to crack codes. Her parents are wealthy socialites. She’s a spy, but she’s also a beautiful rogue. She also has a mysterious friend called the Black Boss Lady, who is visual modeled after Pam Grier.

Ruby Redfort’s life is a complex one, and there’s a lot of mystery and intrigue at every turn. The series is written by Lauren Child, and the books are written for the younger audience. Ruby is a straight A student, plays basketball, and is also trained in martial arts. She’s a child prodigy and an action girl!

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