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KSI’s record on BoxRec has not been updated since his bout with Swarmz. KSI had previously been scheduled to face British rapper Alex Wassabi but was forced to withdraw after suffering an injury worldnewsfact. The management of KSI decided to give him a second fight. This time he faced professional boxer Luis Alcaraz Pineda. The result was a knockout win for KSI.

KSI landed a right hand that dropped Pineda to the ground. The fight went into the second round where KSI continued travelnowworld to pound Pineda into the canvas. A left hand and an uppercut followed. Pineda began to complain about being hit in the head but the referee allowed the fight to continue. KSI’s boxing record on BoxRec is not updated yet because the match was a knockout.

The boxing record on BoxRec has not been updated yet because the YouTuber has only been fighting twice. But KSI is still travellworldnow undefeated in his pro career and has beaten several professional boxers. It is unclear which opponent he will face next, but it will be a big test. If KSI beats Swarmz, his BoxRec record should be updated.

In the first fight, KSI was scheduled to face Alex Wassabi, but he was forced to withdraw due to injury. This left the door open for him to knockout the white supremacist. Now, KSI is set to face Mexican fighter Pineda, who is 20 years younger than Nikolov. Although he is younger than Nikolov, he is still a professional boxer.


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